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The 10 Step Guide

STEP 1          

Get in touch with me through the contact form on this website.


STEP 2           

If our dates align for your wedding day, and it is geographically possible, I like to meet my couples in person to discuss the type and style of wedding ceremony you are envisioning for yourselves.


Alternatively a Skype session can also be just as effective. This meeting also gives you an opportunity to see if we are a good match for each other.


STEP 3          

If after our first meeting you decide to book me for your wedding you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit.


STEP 4           

Once the deposit has been paid we can start working on your ceremony together. This involves having you complete the “Notice of Intended Marriage” This Notice must be lodged with me one month before the wedding date and no later. I will provide you with all relevant paper work throughout the process.


STEP 5           

We will meet up to discuss your ceremony requirements in detail, from music, to readings and poetry, your vows, specific rituals and anything else you’d like to bring to your wedding day throughout the ceremony. I will also leave you with a couples questionnaire that helps me get know you both a little better.


STEP 6           

Once we have a consolidated idea of the above elements I will start on the first draft of your ceremony and craft a service that is special and unique to you, your friends and your family. This ceremony will be based on all the information I have been able to ascertain from you leading up to this point.


The ceremony draft will be sent back and forth with each other until it is exactly the way you want it to be. The final draft will be sent to you for authorisation and will be completed well in advance of your wedding day.


STEP 7            

I recommend to all my couples that a rehearsal of the ceremony is undertaken with all necessary parties. The rehearsal is an imperative part of making sure your ceremony goes without hitch on the day. It is also a good opportunity to go over the paperwork that will be required for you to fill out on the day of the wedding so that you are familiar with it ahead of time.


Rehearsals can be a special time for families, the bridal party and the couple to bond and relieve any last minute nerves. Everyone knowing what they need to do and when they need to do it during the ceremony ahead of the big day also relieves a a lot of unnecessary nerves on the day.


STEP 8          

Any last minute concerns or questions can be addressed during  this time.


STEP 9          

On the day I normally arrive around 1 hour before the ceremony is due to commence. I ensure everything is ready to go to plan as rehearsed. I also make sure that the Bride, Groom and the bridal party are feeling confident and re-assured of the ceremony, and have arrived on time !


STEP 10          

Once the remaining legal paperwork has been signed I forward all legal documentation to the appropriate organisation (Births, Deaths and Marriages) within fourteen days of the wedding.


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